I’m Philipp Freund

nice guy, photographer, alpinist

27 years – from Gmunden, Austria

My story

Born in Gmunden am Traunsee on September 27, 1990.
Raised in the Salzkammergut, the gateway to the Alps.

My relationship with the mountains began as soon as I could walk. My parents laid the foundation for this early, with many hikes that allowed me to discover my love of nature.
The love of nature alone does not make a mountain climber. For every Alpinist there is a catalyst – a trigger – that ignites the passion for the mountains and fuels it again and again. For me this moment came at 14 years old: the See-Wand-Klettersteig, which pushed my body to the limit for the first time.

Success. Freedom. Limitlessness. I was filled with an indescribable feeling. It lasted not only for a few hours, but is the same feeling that accompanies me on every mountain tour to this day. Since then, I have taken refuge in the Alps, with the goal of exploring every tree, every stone, every lake. I want to stand on both the named and the anonymous peaks, and never let this feeling go.

My constant companion since 2006: my camera. Bought with my first paycheck, my camera is always with me, from sunrise to sunset. For:

„The best camera is the one that’s with you“ – Chase Jarvis

For nearly 10 years now, I have been pursuing my passion for photography and can call approximately 80,000 photos my own. When passion and commitment meet, success is inevitable.

I capture not only the mountains with my lens, but also athletes in extreme and competitive sports. But it was the Alps that led me back to my roots. Landscape photography is much more than clinging to boulders. It’s the fleeting moments. If you manage to capture this sliver of time, you have a nearly priceless trophy.
A reward for which I am prepared to take a calculable risk. But this is only calculable when all factors come together perfectly. The words of Chase Jarvis apply here as well, because a tour that requires crampons is only possible if you have them on hand. Every day is different, and special circumstances call for particularly reliable equipment. Getting trophies from the mountains isn’t child’s play. Camera equipment makes one slower and therefore more vulnerable to mistakes. When you can’t leave a danger zone as quickly, the chance of being unable to escape a life-threatening situation increases.

And so I give my all to live my adventure and stay forever young at heart.
To enjoy life to the fullest, body and soul.

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„No city is as beautiful as the city of the mountains.“   #StadtDerBerge

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